Genshin Impact code - How to Redeem code Genshin impact on PC and Mobile?


Genshin Impact code - How to Redeem code Genshin impact on PC and Mobile?

Every month, Genshin Impact players can enter different Ginshin redeem codes to get handy rewards for any adventure. For the month of September, there is only one this month, which is what we have tested in the game.

Once the Genshin Impact redeem code has been activated, head back over to your gameplay. If done all rightly, you'd receive a Genshin Impact in-game notification, just click on the Mali icon from their pause menu to claim your assets. These codes Genshin Impact will reward your account with premium currency Primogem and character experience. Not a bad choice for just a few minutes of work.

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How does Genshin impact redeem code on PC and mobile?

Current genshin redeem codes and any future codes for Primogem not only net you a fine number of Primogems, but they also provide you many useful items that'll make your adventure via the world of Teyvat extremely smoother.

In order to redeem Genshin impact codes, you will first need to level your account up. You can do this easily by doing main and side quests, exploring maps, doing daily commissions, and opening treasure chests.

Once you have reached Adventure Rank Ten, just head on over to the Official site, if you are on computer or mobile, just follow these steps:

·       Log in to your account by choosing the log-in section at the top-right of the screen.

·       chose server name that you play on

·       Enter your character name, also known as your Genshin Impact in-game name

·       Type in one of the codes Genshin Impact and click redeem. Enjoy!

Moreover, Mobile and PC gamers can access the redemption function from in-game men also. To do this, just go to the Genshin Impact game setting, then the account menu and choose to redeem codes.


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